A California Attorney Heads East

A few months ago I sent my husband another seemingly random text without warning or context. “How would you like to move from LA to Delaware?” That started a dialog, and a chain of events, and now we are packing up my family—husband, teenager, dog, hamster, electric cars—and my practice and heading east to the center of the bankruptcy universe. Wilmington, here we come!

I have already learned a lot, and we are only just getting started.

About the Delaware Bar

Applying for the Delaware bar is hard. Very hard.

There is a FBI background check. A Delaware state background check. I need to supply certified college transcripts dating back to the days of Izods, the Rubik’s Cube, and Mork & Mindy. And my original application to UCLA Law School, which I last saw on a floppy disk over two decades ago. (If I can find it, does anyone have a floppy disk reader?)

I have to supply fingerprints and a passport photo. I have to provide a list of any traffic tickets I have received in the last  decade. I will have to pass both the Delaware state bar examination and the multi-start bar examination. I have to survive a five-month clerkship process known affectionately by Delawareans as the “Scavenger Hunt.”

About Delawareans

I have also learned that Delawareans are incredibly friendly. Everyone from the local coffee shop barista to my colleagues at various Wilmington law firms have been warm, welcoming, and helpful!

About Newark

I have learned that there is a Newark, New Jersey and a Newark, Delaware. But in Delaware its pronounced New Ark. I’m not sure if this makes things more, or less, confusing.

About Mushrooms

I now know that Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, just across the Delaware border, is the Mushroom Capital of the World.

About The Bobbie

And on Friday, we discovered that ordering Mexican food anywhere east of Texas is a sketchy choice at best. (Although, in fairness, we should have known better).

The BobbieBut we also discovered an iconic Delaware sandwich, The Bobbie.  Slow-roasted, pulled turkey, cranberry sauce, homemade stuffing, and a schmear of mayonnaise on a freshly baked roll. In other words…. Thanksgiving on a roll! As the story goes, the sandwich was introduced at Capriotti’s, a sub shop in Wilmington’s Little Italy neighborhood, 40 years ago to recreate the sandwiches made by the Margolet family’s beloved Aunt Bobbie.

Stay posted for more adventures and as I continue to explore the legal and cultural landscape of my new home!