Bottom line threats and opportunities come in many shapes and sizes.

  • Business face daily threats to their bottom line. Serious threats can prompt companies to “explore their strategic alternatives.”  That means seeking financing or capital, restructuring existing debt, selling the business, finding bankruptcy alternatives, or even restructuring or liquidating through a bankruptcy.
  • And when business are facing financial trouble, that directly affects all of their voluntary and involuntary creditors–lenders, landlords, vendors, lessors, and plaintiffs.
  • For a few hardy souls, these challenges present opportunities in the form of distressed investing and claims trading.

However you may be impacted by financial distress in the business world, this Blog is here to provide information to help you protect your bottom line by staying informed about important business bankruptcy issues and developments.  In plain English.

If there are any topics that you would like addressed in upcoming posts, let me know!

Mette H. Kurth
Fluent in Legalese, Business Jargon, and English