Earthquakes, Sharkcicles… And a New Venue Reform Bill! I moved from California to Delaware, a number of things have happened.

  1. Last November, a magnitude 4.1 earthquake struck central Delaware. “This is wild!  It’s not often that this happens,” said Cheng Shengzao, a geophysicist with the USGS.
  2. In December, a bomb cyclone blasted the entire East Coast before a polar vortex uncorked tremendous cold, turning sharks into sharkcicles and causing frozen iguanas to fall out of trees in Florida. “Jaw, meet floor!” tweeted Sam Lillo, a meteorology PhD student.
  3. And today, as anticipated in my earlier post, another bankruptcy venue reform bill was introduced.

So let me clear up any misconceptions for my new Delawarean colleagues. These things are not my fault. My husband says they aren’t even about me. (Although I’m beginning to have my own doubts.)

With that out of the way, on to the venue reform bill.  Read a full discussion and access the text of the bill here.

Mette K.

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