Making Bankruptcy Sexy Again, and Of Delawarean Chickens…

Yesterday my journey through Delaware’s bar admission process took me to Day 1 of the 2017 Pre-Admission Conference held by the Delaware Supreme Court.  Here are a few of the more memorable take aways for those of you who are following along.

A Home to Corporations… and Many Chickens

Of fewer than 7,000 lawyers admitted to the Delaware bar since 1913, roughly 4,000 lawyers practice here today.  Over 900,000 people call Delaware home.  Over 1 million companies are headquartered here, representing roughly half the corporations in the country and 2/3 of all Fortune 500 companies.  What I bet you didn’t know is that over 200 million chickens live here. Fortunately, they are a very friendly and collegial population. And so are the attorneys!

Bankruptcy Court Is the Place to Be!

27708353 - silhouettes of concert crowd in front of bright stage lightsAs soon as I stepped into Room 119 for Workshop 3, I knew I was in a special place. Newly minted lawyers jockeyed for a seat with all the enthusiasm of millennials at a Justin Bieber concert.  “I told you this is really the place to be!” one young woman squealed. The topic?  Bankruptcy Courts, lead by the Honorable Judge Brendan L. Shannon.  I haven’t seen this much enthusiasm in California about the prospect of spending an hour curled up with the local bankruptcy rules since 2009.  Folks, I am in my happy place!!  (And did I see Judge Shannon giving out autographed copies of the Bankruptcy Code as I left?)

Help, I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

34561100 - woman portrait, staircase accidentAfter all the excitement of the bankruptcy program, naturally, one could be expected to be a little lightheaded. So as I returned to Vale auditorium and scanned the isles for seating for the final lecture, its hardly surprising that I might miss a step.  Or two.  Or several, as I slid down a few rows, papers flying. As I watched the horrified faces of the 20-somethings surrounding me – Oh my god! Is that old lawyer okay?! – all could think of was the ruckus at my uncle’s funeral a few months ago when my 98-year old Great Aunt Barb fell in the middle of the isle just as the service was starting. I am pleased to report that Aunt Barb and I are fine.

But today I will be arriving early in hopes of switching out name tags at the registration desk and avoiding recognition.

The Fine Print

Yes, this means that I passed the Delaware bar exam this summer!! But, least there be any confusion, I have not yet completed the application process and been approved for admission.  MPRE results are pending.  The clerkship is still in process.  I need to procure an original transcript for a study abroad course that I took in Austria back in the summer of ’89….

Road trip!!!!

Mette K.


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  1. Congratulations Mette!
    Great, fun, informative article…200M chickens?!

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