Taking, and Opening, a Bar in Delaware

Many of you have reached out since my last blog post with questions about my upcoming move to Delaware.  One theme definitely stands out.  Does Jeff know?  Have you told your husband?  What about Jeff?  What’s Jeff going to do?

These are fair questions, as I have often been told that I am a terrible communicator.  Take this conversation last week, for example.

Refrigerator Repairman:  The freeway traffic in California is terrible.

Me:  True:  It has gotten so bad that my ex-husband moved in with his girlfriend in Culver City so he wouldn’t have to commute to West LA.

Repairman:  Oh, is that why you’re moving to Delaware?!  I guess you’re moving alone then.

Me:  (Long pause….)  No, my EX-husband.

So for those of you who have expressed concern, yes, I told Jeff.  Yes, Jeff is coming to Delaware with me!  No, I am not just going to pack him up in the car at the last minute with the dog and the hamster.  (Hey, Jeff!  Let’s go for a ride, buddy!)  He is amazing, and supportive, and all in on the Delaware move.  (And no, he does not have a girlfriend in Culver City.)

What is Jeff doing?  One of the drawbacks about Wilmington, we have heard, is that they roll up the sidewalks at sundown and there are few good places to eat or grab a drink.  Jeff is a problem solver.  So while I’m taking the bar, my husband will be opening a bar in Wilmington!   While I’m studying bar review courses, he will be scoping out the local restaurant and bar scene, refining his concept, and finding a location.  (Hard work, right…)  Hopefully by the time I’m admitted to the Delaware bar, Jeff’s bar will be open and we’ll all have a place to celebrate!

Stay tuned for more updates as the adventure continues.


Mette K.