About Bankruptcy. Beer. And Blogging.


Welcome to The Bottom Line!  A Business Bankruptcy Blog.  In Plain English.

There are few things that can clear a room faster than telling someone you are a lawyer.  Except perhaps telling them you are a bankruptcy lawyer.

I have always rejected the idea of inflicting yet another IRAC-ridden blog full of legalease and case cites onto the world.  (IRAC?  Huh?  IRAC, Issue-Rule-Analysis-Conclusion, is the formulaic rule for legal writing inflicted on first-year law students to force them to think like lawyers. IRAC is one of many things that makes legal writing, and lawyers, boring.)

Then I remembered my father and his fuzzy eggbeaters.  Few classes fill up more slowly than an 8:00 a.m. economics course.  (Or a bankruptcy class.)  But my father, a professor of economics, always had wait lists for his classes. They were popular. He did not talk about widgets.  His hypothetical businesses manufactured fuzzy eggbeaters.  His beer and pizza graphs illustrating diminishing marginal utility were famous (among economics majors).  At Halloween, he gave extra credit for the best economics-themed costumes. One very pregnant co-ed won by drawing an expectations curve on her t-shirt.  He hosted backyard barbecues for his students.  Although I wouldn’t admit it then, my dad was sort of cool.

Unfortunately, I can’t invite all of you to my house for a beer and burgers while we discuss fascinating issues of finance and bankruptcy law.  Keeping you entertained may not be easy.  But it is my pledge to you to be clear.  To be relevant.  And as much possible, not to be boring.


Welcome to The Bottom Line!

Mette H. Kurth

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